Better performance leads to higher levels of customer satisfaction, higher conversion ratios from visitor to paying customer and higher sales.

How can you ensure a performant service delivery?

Emergency – when things have already gone “belly up” at a new product launch, new campaign launch or a peak in crisis information needs.

As a part of your problem solving performance testing should be a part to determine capacity, constraints and finding the root cause of your performance issues.

As insurance – before it goes “belly up”. Test before your launch or expected peak to know you or your supplier will fulfil your requirements. 
It will allow you to remedy any issues before it’s too late.”
Web performance challenges

- 2012 68% of websites had performance issues. At the same time only 30% of web sites had
done any performance testing.
- One in five shopping carts are abandoned due to poor performance.
- Studies show improving response times by 2/3 will increase page views by 25% and sales by 7%-12%.
Why is it important?

Studies show a majority of websites over estimate their capacity by as much as 3.4 times! 77% of the respondents require response times to be below two 
seconds but on average response times are significantly higher, up to as much as eight seconds for some e-tailers.

What can Swedish Site Testing do?

- Ensure response times fall within an acceptable range and meets requirements as often stated in SLAs or similar.
- Verify scalability and user experience from a performance point of view.
- Establishes a known baseline for continued development to avoid future degradation.
- Establishes your limits of maximum performance and where bottle necks can occur.
- Assist in Root Cause Analysis of bottlenecks.
- We train and mentor performance engineers/testers.
- We assist in change management when establishing performance testing in your organization. Whether you are establishing a competence center for performance 
engineering or adding performance testing to an agile devops organization.
- We verify performance in cloud migrations and know how to performance test, calibrate and tune cloud deployments.